Professional background:

Certificate in Nutritional Counseling through Trinity School of Natural Health--2007  

Certified  Natural Health Professional from The National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals--2010

Family Herbalist Certification from The School of Natural Healing--2009

Teach fitness and nutrition classes, write a Learning to be Healthy blog and weekly newsletter(sign up for free).

My other side:

I can do a mean jitterbug with my husband of 37 years!

I raised (and homeschooled) four amazing children, who have made me grandma to seven fabulous grandchildren!

 A little family trivia:  My third cousin on my dad's side is John Wayne (The Duke).  His real last name was Morrison, and that's my maiden name.  Now you know!

"Since starting to see Lisa almost 5 years ago, I have been able to lower my cholesterol and blood sugar with diet and supplements as well as lose weight.  I really recommend working with Lisa.  She has taught me so much about health living and always comes prepared with something new to motivate me.  Her encouraging and sweet spirit keeps me going, and I appreciate her prayers for me!"

​                                               Cindy B--Houston, TX

"The recipes and many helpful resources were great!  I especially liked the Kale Waldorf Salad.  Cleaning out my pantry and reading labels really made me aware of the hidden ingredients in our processed foods.  Now my husband even reads labels when he goes to the store for me!  The most valuable part of working with Lisa was just learning that you can be healthy eating whole, fresh foods that God created for us to eat.  It's really simple and delicious!"

                                               Cindy C--Houston, TX

"Lisa was a great inspiration to me for eating healthier foods and meal planning.  I have learned to read labels and drink better water, and the lists of healthy and unhealthy ingredients have made me more aware of what I was putting in my mouth!  My husband and I have enjoyed many of the Learning to be Healthy Recipes!"

                                                Jane--Houston, TX

"I like Lisa's honesty and how the supplements that she recommended have improved my health.  I have changed my eating habits to include more nuts, beans, salads, and fruits, and am reading labels on everything I put into my body!"

                                                Marie--Houston, TX

 Learning to be Healthy with      

Lisa Hernandez, Certified Nutritionist & Health Coach

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This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent,  or treat disease.  It does not take the place of any medical care that you may need.  Consult your health care provider about making dietary and lifestyle changes that are right for you.

1 Corinthians 10:31--

"Whatever you eat or drink, or whatever

you do, do it all for God's glory!

My goal as a health coach is to help you transform your health through education and motivation.  Learning to be healthy, as opposed to just following the latest diet, is key to long-term success.  It involves understanding how diet, exercise, stress, emotions, toxic chemicals, sleep, and other lifestyle factors affect your health, and then making the connection between these factors and how you feel.

Ten Habits to Improve Your Health

1. Plan for success.  Believe that you can get healthy, and focus on making small changes that will become healthy lifestyle habits.

2. Drink water first thing each morning and every one to two hours throughout the day.

3. Instead of counting calories, make calories count by nourishing your body with real, whole food.  This way of eating will help to

increase energy and metabolism, reduce inflammation, balance hormones and blood sugar, and turn off food cravings.  Each meal and snack should include healthy protein, healthy fat, and fiber-rich carbohydrates.

4. Learn to read labels!  Ignore marketing and avoid ingredients that sabotage your health.

5. Consistently do exercise that you enjoy and  that will build lean muscle, increase metabolism, and improve balance, flexibility, and endurance.

6. Learn to manage mental and emotional stress.  The health of body, mind, and spirit are closely connected, and improving your relationships with God and others is key to good health.  

7. Consistently get seven to eight hours of restorative sleep.

8. Get some fresh air and sunshine every day.

9. Find support and accountability from other people who want to learn to live healthier lives.  

Hold yourself accountability by using a food journal or fitness app to track your progress.

10. Follow this plan at least 80% of the time, and you will find yourself enjoying the rewards of a healthy lifestyle!  Learn from your setbacks, and keep moving forward!

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