Lisa Hernandez ,

             Certified  Nutritionist & Health Coach


6-Week Health Transformation!

This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.  It does not take the place of any medical care that you may need.  Consult your health care provider about making dietary and lifestyle changes that are right for you.Type your paragraph here.

1 Corinthians 10:31--"Whatever you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for God's glory!"

Whatever your plans and goals, good health should be at the

top of the list!  It's the foundation to help you do and enjoy everything else better.  

Whether you need to lose a few pounds, have more energy, or just feel better, the

6-Week Health Transformation program can help!      

​What you get:

*Success Manual and Getting Started Checklist

*6 weeks of dietician-approved Meal Plans and

Grocery Shopping Lists

*Recipe Manual with over 60 whole-foods based recipes

*Goal-Setting and Measurement Worksheets

*Dining Out Swap Guide

*Daily mini coaching emails, with health tips and motivation to help you stay focused and on track (42 emails)

*6 mini workouts that you can do at home,

delivered each week via email

*Private Facebook Group interaction, where you can ask me questions and get encouragement and support.

*In addition, everything in this program is customizable to your individual dietary preferences.

*Optional weekly cheat meals!

Benefits of a long-term healthy lifestyle:

*Reduced Inflammation

*Long-term successful weight loss

*More energy

*Better focus

*Improved sleep

*Fewer aches and pains

*Better digestion

*Improved moods

*Help balance blood sugar levels

*Help balance hormone levels

*Healthy hair, skin, and nails

*A better quality of life!

How it works:

*Purchase the 6-Week Health Transformation program.

*You'll receive an email asking you for your name and the email address where you want your program sent.

*You'll immediately receive another email with all of your program downloads and instructions on how to get started.  Just follow the steps in the Getting Started Checklist.

*Check your email every day for my mini coaching tips

to help you stay focused and motivated 

(make sure these don't end up in your spam or junk folder).

*To stay connected, post your "weekly wins" in the private Facebook Group (or email me) every Friday.  

You can also post daily in the group for more accountability and to share your successes and challenges.

This 6-Week Health Transformation gives you all the tools you need to start eating healthy, as well as the encouragement and motivation to help you be successful.  It will help you make the connection between what you eat and how you feel and to eat more mindfully.  After six weeks of following this program, you will have six weeks of great meal plans and recipes to keep you on track, six workouts to do at home, and 42 emails to educate, encourage, and motivate you to  keep making healthy lifestyle choices!


All of this for only $87!